P’s Little Boy Nursery, A Trip Down Memory Lane

Little boys nursery crib decor.

As our little guy ventures off to Senior Kindergarten today, I started thinking about how fast time has flown by! He’s going to be five before the New Year, and it’s had me peeking at old videos and pictures, remembering the days his only worry was keeping balance so he could walk across the room. That’s when I stumbled upon his first bedroom, full of color and character, and I thought – I just have to share this little boy nursery with you.

One of My Favorite Rooms – A Little Boy Nursery Full of Color

From the letters on the wall, to the rhino head (blog tutorial coming soon, I promise) and dressers, almost every corner of the room had a little touch of DIY to add to it.

Colorful nursery for a boy.

We had made both the letters and rhino head ourselves, and completed makeovers on both large pieces of furniture – giving them new life with some fresh paint and rustic knobs.

Creating extra room in a nursery.

Creating Extra Floor Space, in a Nursery, is Easier than You Think

With a wardrobe of such tiny clothes, I chose to leave his closet door open, not hang clothes, and instead place the dresser inside . This added more depth and character to the room, plus freed up even more floor space to get the larger wardrobe and rocking chair where I wanted them.

Nursery books stacked.

Boys nursery nightstand

Preparing P’s little boy nursery consisted of finding little items since the day we found out we were expecting. By taking our time up front, we were able to score some great items at a fraction of the price. I literally added some items at the last minute, while some I had stored away for a few months.

Little boy crib.

Nursery animal head above crib.

DIY Art Makes for a Fun Nursery

The one thing I loved about the nursery was all of the DIYs. Artwork is easy to come by, easy to print yourself and easy to hang. Why pay a fortune when you can always find some for free on Pinterest, or take a look around Etsy – it has a lot of digital prints for a great price (and I’m not saying this just because I own one of those shops (here’s mine) – as I’ve bought from others as well).

Nursery bedding and decor.

DIY Easy Nursery Art

While some art was passed down from my grandmother (she painted them herself), the others were done by me. The front three (in the picture above) with a little bit of Adobe Illustrator and a touch of paint on two of the frames. The dinosaur one in the back, with a little more creativity – taking an Ikea RIBBA picture frame, I had added the dinosaurs from his baby shower décor – creating a new piece of art that still hangs out in his room today.

Nursery boy decor

All of the little characters around his room make it so much fun to take a look. This bear below was a hand down from his great grandmother. Paddington was a perfect touch with his pops of color. He also still sits in my sons room today – I love how a lot of these pieces have transferred to the little boy room he has now.

Paddington the bear nursery

A trip down memory lane is always fun – they don’t seem to hold onto being that little for very long. I keep asking P not to get any bigger, but he just tells me he has to. While he still loves to give out hugs and the odd kiss, I don’t feel like we’ll have that many more years of cuddles ahead of us. Here’s hoping I can hold onto that little one as long as possible. But for now, it’s time to head onto the next year of school – an adventure, that goes way beyond that little boy nursery he once enjoyed!

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