A Mini Living Room Makeover with New Cushions

A farmhouse living room.

Just in case you’re wondering, this post is not sponsored. I just love H&M Home and wanted to share how something so simple can makeover a room instantly!

What a week! I have so many things I’ve been wanting to share with you, including this little mini makeover I have been dreaming of. It took me a while to finally go for what I was envisioning, and now I can’t wait to share with you, how I transformed our living room with new cushions from H&M Home.

Giving a Box Store Couch a Custom Look

If you’ve been following along over on Instagram, you may have seen some of my sneak peeks in stories and you would also know, that I absolutely am not in love with our red couches anymore. We have had them since we bought our first home in 2008. What I do like about them is they are kid friendly, comfortable and clean very easily. What I don’t like is the color is very hard to work with and the old cushions that came with them look like your typical box store couch set – not custom or “wowing” at all.

Our living room before.

But, new couches are not on the list. One, because I know the ones I want aren’t going to be super affordable, and two, because I want so many other things for our home, that I would rather wait. Besides, we have a two and four year old, new couches are not something I want to test with them right now. So, I had to find another idea.

Pillows before.

I often thought of using slipcovers as well. But, truthfully, I am not sure I like the way most fit. And for the shape of our couches, I’m not sure we would find ones to fit well at all. Of course, we could have had some made, but I think the cost of those, would be more than I want to invest in these couches, when I’d prefer not to keep them at all.

New Cushions Create a Mini Makeover for Couches

That’s when I decided new cushions would do the trick. I had been searching for a long time when I stumbled upon H&M Home. They had the perfect cushions, but I wasn’t sure if they would do the trick. I was nervous. Would they fit right, was “charcoal grey” exactly how it looked – more navy like I wanted. I hymned and hawed over the decision for a few weeks. When I finally decided to just go for it, heck, I ended up getting 12 cushions for around $80CDN. Not bad at all.

Say goodbye to the old tired cushions…

Box store couches.

And hello to H&M home cushions – a new custom look.

Red couch with new cushions.

I actually cut apart the old cushion covers (not to worry, some were already torn and falling apart). I took the stuffing and filled the new covers and actually, ended up having two of the original cushions left over.

H&M Home Cushions

I have left them for now, but I also have two left over covers that I may put on instead. I had bought them as extras for any time an “accident” happens with another and needs to be washed.

H&M pillows on red couches.

I am very pleased with how this mini makeover has turned out. Taking some new cushion covers from H&M and using the filling from the old cushions, I was able to complete this project, and have a brand new living room look, for well under $100.

How We Plan to Makeover Our Whole Living Room

Next up, I would love to get a new area rug. As you can tell, ours definitely does not meet the proper, make sure it sits under all of the front legs of your furniture. Ours is much too small. I’m thinking of possibly layering with another underneath.

New pillows after.

We also need a few pictures above the couch. We actually have prints already, I just need to get some frames made and I’ll be able to put them up. I’m not quite sure yet, but we may also add some extra trim details to the coffered ceilings, to give them a more custom look. The demo house we toured before purchasing had darker paint with crown moldings inside the boxes.

Living room makeover.

And what you can’t see, is the opposite wall where our tv is resting on a large wood dresser. We are hoping for a large built in unit with shelves and cupboards, custom made by my husband of course. Maybe a project this winter when things hopefully slow down.

A farmhouse living room.

Before you go, I’d love to know what mini makeovers you’ve done in your home, that have helped you fall in love with a piece of furniture or room again?

2 thoughts on “A Mini Living Room Makeover with New Cushions

  1. We’ve got plans for built ins as well once we get the kids rooms done! Our fireplace sits out so open shelving on top and closed cupboards along the bottom is the plan šŸ˜Š


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