Adding a Punch of Fun to a Little Girl’s Pink Bedroom | A Mini Before & After

What a difference. I love Em’s little girl room all coated in pink, but something just wasn’t saying “wow” to me. I loved that the pink was just right and everything matched perfectly, but I think that was the problem, it wasn’t breaking any rules. Until now, that has all changed, all because of a new area rug. I love this new look, something I may not have picked, but you’ll have to keep reading to find out who did!

Little Girls Pink Bedroom Before

The Perfect Shade of Pink for a Little Girl’s Bedroom

When I chose the paint for Em’s room, I had the hardest time. I wanted that perfect pink color. One that didn’t scream little girl candy pink, but more dusty pink that can almost be questioned as having brown in it. At first I hated it, the walls were fresh with primer just a day earlier and this new pop of color seemed to be bright. But, the painter convinced me it was no where close to the pink he had seen many times before, it was exactly as I’d thought, and after the shock of it, I totally agreed as well.

Pink Girls Bedroom Decor

While I’ve been slowly adding decor to her room, with custom prints and other items (all coming soon!), it just didn’t seem to have that wow factor I was looking for. I knew it needed a new area rug and I’ve also been debating an accent wall. But I wasn’t rushing into anything… still trying to find something that would make it all pop.

A Blue Area Rug Brings a Whole New Look to a Pink Bedroom

Bring us to today!! YAY! So what happened in between. By fluke, the family was all out shopping for groceries a week or so ago and I decided to stop in at Winners. I was looking for a front porch mat, which I never found, when I decided to check out the clearance section. That’s when we stumbled upon this area rug at a great deal – only $53. At first I hesitated, navy blue doesn’t really suit Em’s room. But, my husband convinced me otherwise – it was actually his convincing that made me buy it.

Bedroom Decor from Winners

Man oh man, I’m glad he did. In my opinion, it’s totally against the rules of a pink room. It offers that wow I was looking for. And, of course, has just opened up the door for a whole new color to be added to the decor. I’m loving the pop of fun, blue with fun little tassels, just everything about this. I know it may not seem like much, but I’m excited, I can’t wait to tie it together throughout her room.

Little Girl's Area Rug After Picture

This little girl room is starting to come together just right. I can’t wait to add all of her art prints, her tissue paper pompoms (still trying to find the perfect combo of colors) and to find that perfect thing to put above her bed. Which, I am definitely open for suggestions… if you have a favorite above the bed filler – I’d love to know!

Paint Color on Walls – Rona – CIL Glass of Port
Area Rug – Winners – Uniquely Crafted by Artisans in India

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