DIY Fireplace Mantel – Perfect for Decorating

DIY Fireplace Mantel

You guys, I’m totally missing this fireplace mantel right now. It’s that time of year where we spend more time indoors, and I’m very much missing a nice cozy mantel that I can decorate with all the fun decor. This and our old kitchen are two of my favorite things that I often miss from our old home. A fireplace and mantel are definitely a must in our sooner than later future, but for now, let’s take a trip down memory lane to this beautiful DIY fireplace mantel I used to adore.

Easy DIY Fireplace Mantel

An Empty Wall Gets a Makeover with a DIY Fireplace Mantel

When we moved into this house, it was a bank foreclosure that needed a lot of work. (Someday, I’ll share the whole makeover with you). This wall didn’t even exist. I didn’t want all the main rooms exposed to each other, so I had Ryan (my husband) put a wall in to help break up the space a bit, but it was still lacking something.

Fireplace Mantel Decor

I knew I wanted a fireplace, but it wasn’t in our budget. But, I kept coming back to this mantel I had saved (likely on Pinterest) from Sweet Something Design, and thought, we could totally put that in. So, we did. My husband and his brother had agreed and built me this mantel, and it really didn’t take long – a couple of days after work.


I have shared this mantel on my Instagram recently, asking you if you’d like to see exactly how it was made. Of course, there was some interest, so I dug back into some old photos (excuse the resolutions) to show you exactly how it was done.

Easy Steps for Creating Your Very Own Fireplace Mantel

I’m not sure how much detail I can get into, with just a few pics, but hopefully it’s enough for you to recreate your own if you’d like.

First, they actually cut a hole in the existing drywall to add the depth on the fireplace, where you would burn “wood” if it were real. You can see that in the top left of the three pictures, where we also taped out how big we wanted the mantel to be.

Next, they built the box on the floor out of MDF. They then framed everything out, inside and outside, with the outside being a width further out from the inner. I know that really doesn’t make the most sense, my husband was just explaining it to me and I’m not sure it’s as easy to write down as I thought it would be. But, I think if you have a handy man around, they could definitely make sense of the pictures. If not, definitely send as many questions as you need and we’ll do our best to help out!

Lastly, they nailed the MDF to cover all sides and create the mantel. We filled and sanded the nail holes and on went the paint. Just a heads up, I bought Behr paint with primer and it still took a lot of coats.

DIY Fireplace Mantel – Perfect for Decorating

What I miss most about this mantel is decorating it. Just after it was built, my mom had thrown me a baby shower for our first born, little P. It was all decorated in blue, along with some fall decor that we had left.

Decorated Fireplace Mantel

While the little boy decor looks adorable, my favorite time to decorate was always Christmas. I have the perfect decorations for a mantel and I’ve been missing having that perfect spot to put them. Someday we will though, it’s one of the items at the top of my list right now.

DIY Fireplace Mantel with Decor

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