Free Christmas Countdown Printable | An Easy DIY Decor Project

Christmas is in full swing at our house. I know, it’s not even December, but I couldn’t resist. If you peek around our house, our decor is pretty simple, with pops of bright greens and red, making it lots of fun for the kids too. I’ve been wanting to purchase some new decor, but haven’t gotten around to it – so a DIY project was an easy way to get something new instantly. This free Christmas countdown printable is an easy DIY project that adds fun to any room. Plus, the kids will love it!

Free Christmas Countdown Printable

I’ve been eyeing up so many cute chalk countdown boards, and fancy painted ones too, but I didn’t want to invest in anything just yet. So instead, I decided to make a wipe clean dry erase one. I’m a huge fan of Canva and knew it would be perfect for designing something fun, without having to get on a computer. Next, I took to searching the basement for the perfect frame I had stored away. Creating a Christmas countdown print ended up being a fun and easy project and now I’m excited to share it with you.

An Easy DIY Christmas Countdown Made with Canva

Who doesn’t love something free? For those who haven’t stumbled upon a similar idea in the past, I’m telling you, this is so easy to create for yourself. Before you go ahead and download your own copy, I’m also going to share how I created it, so you can create other prints for yourself in the future.

First I took to Canva. It’s a fun little app (and website too), where you can create all sorts of media (including my sons birthday invites – which I will be sharing soon). There are lots of free and paid options, and while sometimes that means huge limitations without paying – that’s definitely not the case; this print was designed and downloaded for free. Once you create an account, you’ll find lots of free templates of all sizes or you can start from scratch. Feel free to add any images, text, etc, the designs are really endless. You’ll notice that some are paid, but they are very affordable if you do decide to go that route. Once you’ve designed your print, just save it out in the format you need, they have multiple options.

Free Christmas Print

Now that you know how to make your very own prints, I’ll share what I did to finalize this one. Usually I get my prints printed at our local copy and print center on 100lb stock paper, but this project was going in a frame, so a colored printer is all it took. I placed it in a frame I had laying around the house and grabbed a dry erase marker from the kids collection. I would love to say there is a bigger more complex tutorial, but that’s it – I was done. This was a very easy project that even the kids could help out with. To get started, download your free Christmas countdown print.

Christmas Countdown Printable
Free Christmas Countdown Printable – Click Here

It really is a super easy DIY Christmas decor project. I love that I can print it to the size I need and it fits in perfectly with any colors, as a simple frame can change the look completely. Best of all, I love how the kids can help change the number every day, my little guy is the perfect age for practicing his numbers and helping in the excitement of counting the days until the big jolly guy comes.

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